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In May 2007, Robin was attending a conference and fell hitting her head. Later, she found out she had a stroke and a brain injury. On Mother’s Day night 2007, Robin woke up not being able to talk. She ended up losing her job. Through therapy, she slowly learned to talk again and was diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome.


“You never recover from a brain injury, you just learn to cope and adapt best you can.” So, coping it is. While taking therapy to get her voice back from this very rare  condition, she gardened as a hobby. Her friends would visit and pick salad fixings from the lush produce her garden yielded. They were so impressed with her garden, they wanted Robin to make gardens for them. Knowing Robin was down on her luck, a friend said she would pay Robin to make her garden. This lead to the creation of "My Great Garden" and Robin began to create a marketing campaign, advertising, and this website.

Today, "My Great Garden" is a regional success in the mid-Atlantic of the US. Robin’s goal is to franchise the company to people with disabilities to empower then to have their own business. The concept is that "My Great Garden" will manage the financials and help facilitate and train the new business owners. They will be able to run his or her own business with Robin's support and expertise.

On May 9th 2014, Robin brought her idea to the Shark Tank at Salisbury University, Salisbury MD. It was held at the Perdue School of Business, coincidentally where Robin received her undergrad degree. 

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Please share your input and comments directly to Robin or email at Robin@mygreatgarden.com

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