Select varieties:

Suggested Fruit and Vegetable varieties:

(Select 8-10 all items subject to availability)

Tomatoes  □ Green Beans   Radish   Garlic

Lettuce      □ Peas                 Kale       Swiss Chard
Garlic        □ Okra                Berries   Egg Plant

Zucchini    □ Marigold          □ Onions  Cucumbers       

Peppers     □ Yellow squash  □ Carrots  Beets

Basil           □ Rosemary        □ Sage       □ Thyme

Parsley        □ Melons            □ _____    □ _____


***other items available upon request!

"I went out to my garden and picked myself some lettuce, carrots, spinach,  onions, and radishes to make a salad for lunch!"